Reese Osborne is a native Florida Artist who was born in Jacksonville. She can’t remember a time she didn’t draw. Reese attended college at UCF and has an undergraduate degree in graphic design and a master’s in public administration. Her career has been in graphic design, illustration and the cartography (GIS) industry. Her artistic interest, however, has always been in drawing and painting with a focus in contemporary classical representational art. She currently teaches Classical Drawing and Painting in Central Florida and she has taught several workshops in the past including Nature Journaling.

She is a recipient of the Congressional Art Competition Award for the 5th District in Florida while in school. She has taught workshops in nature sketchbook journaling and watercolors. Her work has been in various galleries, personal and corporate collections. And in 2011 she was accepted into the 2nd Annual Juried Exhibition of the Florida Museum of Women Artist. She is a member of American Women Artists (AWA).

Over the years she has studied with multiple living masters such as Scott Christensen; Scott Burdick; Susan Lyon; Scott Waddell, who studied at the Florence Academy of Art and the Water Street Atelier under Jacob Collins; Mary Whyte; illustrator, Christian Slade and Don Sondag, a student of Nelson Shanks. She is also mentoring with Stephen Bauman from the Florence Academy of Art in the U.S.

This Fall she will be attending two new workshops with internationally celebrated representational artists. The first workshop is with Julio Reyes and Candice Bohannon to focus on tempera painting. She will also be attending a workshop with ARC Living Master, Juliette Aristides. Juliette has written multiple books on Classical Drawing and Painting. She is the founder of the Aristides Atelier and is a founding member of the Grand Central Atelier in New York.


Reese Osborne’s website is www.reeseosborne.com Or you can follow her on Instagram or Facebook at Reese Osborne Studios.